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What to Expect When You Attend Our Church.

You will be greeted by a small but friendly congregation of people who come from diverse religious backgrounds and who encourage varied views.

The  Service.

After opening words the congregation is invited to the service with the lighting of the flaming chalice, which is the Unitarian Universalist symbol signifying our goal of independent thinking, doing good works, and building character.

The Order of Service may vary from week to week but usually includes a time for any individual to come forward, light a candle, and speak briefly about a particular joy or concern one may have.  Members may share difficult life issues or wonderful milestones.

A hymn may precede and/or follow the day’s message and will have some relevance to the topic. Hopefully the music can enhance a more profound presence.

Most congregations refer to the Minister’s presentation as the sermon.  Some call it a pulpit address.  Here at Sandhills we call it “the message“.  The topics are many and varied and are taken from both within and outside of the Judeo/Christian traditions.  Our congregation is lay led so some of the members themselves prepare and present religious topics.  Occasionally a guest minister is invited to deliver a message.  Also, recorded sermons on DVD’s from other congregations is often used.

The service ends with the reciting of our covenant which invokes love, service, and the quest for truth, justice, and peace.

Following the Service

There are refreshments and fellowship.

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