Leadership / Activities

President: Martin Locklear
Vice President: Judy Winston
Secretary: Catherine Locklear
Treasurer: Brenda Murphy
Member at Large: Linda Drott

Website: Lee D’Onle,  Judy Winston
Beautification: Linda Myers, Carmen Kanne
Social Justice/Service: Nancy Donley, Liz Harry,  Judy Winston, Martin Locklear
Worship: Lee D’Onle, Liz Harry, Dan Myers
Membership: Dan Myers
Publicity: Judy Winston
Nominating: Nancy Donley, Carmen Kanne
Childcare: TBD

Sermon Videos
See a list of videos available for our services: Video Sermons

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Marriage Equality film #2


The UUCS affirmed our commitment to equality with a campaign to provide facts about the Amendment One initiative.




Stocking the Food Pantry Nov 2012
The UUCS participates in the war on hunger by our contributions to the food bank.  Depicted here is our stocking shelves at the coalition headquarters.





UUCS at General Assembly
Here is some of our delegation attending the UU General Assembly held in Charlotte.


UUCS at Pride Fest 2010




The UUCS participates in the annual “Pride March”.





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